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Simple Steps to Care for a Young Tree

Over the recent decade, there has been an emphasis all over the world to plant trees. Some of the benefits of having planted trees is that one gets to enjoy the free shade. Some of the industrial purposes involved in the construction industry to produce timber and make furniture. Trees like any other plants and living organisms require to be taken care of. An individual needs to make sure that they maintain the tress population or increase it after every large tree removal. Discussed are factors to consider when caring for a young tree.

Regular watering is essential for your tree to grow. Some of the resources which are essential for the growth of a tree include water and nutrients. The water supplied to the tree should not be more or less than required. Watering the tree should be done early in the morning or late in the evening. It’s important to look at the moisture content of the soil in an area after a large tree removal before planting the young tree as it may be altered.

An individual should make sure to remove any weeds around the area they have planted the young trees. When looking forward to planting a young tree in an area after large tree removal, you may consider mowing the place and its surroundings. Weeds and other plants growing around the young plant tend to compete for nutrients and moisture with the young tree. Another reason as to why an individual need to mow the area after a large tree removal before planting a young one is to expose any pest to the sun and predators.

It is important to remove any branches which are dead. Although pruning and shaping the tree may sound existing, it should be done with care to avoid damaging it. Pruning should not be done often, but when need be. In case you had planted the young tree in a nursery and decide to transfer it to the ground after a large tree removal you should avoid pruning at this stage. One should prune well not to leave any stubs.

It is important for an individual to fence around the tree. In most cases after large tree removal, people love allowing animals to feed on the plants which grew beneath the trees, as animals feed they may dispose of seeds of other plants which may attract pest which in turn damage the tree. The fence should also help in preventing people from accidentally stepping on the newly planted tree. An individual should build a fence in a way the birds do not build their nests. An individual should also eradicate any existing tree trunks which remain behind after large tree removal.

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